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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Why I Started a Network Marketing Company

If you told me five years ago that I would have walked away from corporate America with and now train and inspire a team of thousands to live the life of their dreams, I would have laughed. And I have a hearty laugh at that…;)

I was raised on a dairy farm in Cazenovia, NY, attended Cornell University and then spent 10 years in Corporate America. …Until one day, February, 6, 2012, I decided enough was enough. In 2011 I gave birth to our first daughter Hannah. Shortly after returning to work, I learned that my position would be relocated in two months. After interviewing for several open positions, on the final day of that job (a Friday), HR called me with “great news” – and I was offered a demotion to an internship. By Monday (the day I was to start my new job), I ended up in the ICU with my 7-month old daughter for an entire week.

During that week, there was a change in me. Something was different and I had a fire in my gut that seemed to be pulling me to a stronger purpose. I returned to my new ‘demotion’ the following Monday. After two hours on the job, and yet another spreadsheet thrown at me, I got up and walked to my new boss and said, “I’m done.” That was completely out of character for me – something I had never done before. He questioned my judgment and voiced his concerns, “you don’t have any customers do you?” to which I replied, “No. But I will.”

And I did.  That day was a turning point in my life. I walked out of that office 10-feet tall and unstoppable. And I never looked back. I put blinders on and worked diligently to build my business. Today, our team is international. I show people how to live on their terms from the comfort of their home. I can’t think of a better business to partner with.

I look to partner with open minded, confident, coachable and committed partners. This business is all built off fundamentals, and if you are open to mastering them, and do so with a true heart of service, skys will part.

It has been a privilege to build my own business from home, in the pockets of my life. It has allowed me to watch my babies grow up and not miss all the small moments with them. I can’t think of a more ideal career for anyone. Work hard. Play hard!


Meet Katie Becker

Katie Becker

Katie Becker is a proven network marketing leader. She teaches her international team how to build an additional income stream, from home, on their own schedule. Her simplified approach helps her team breakthrough to achieve rapid, stellar results. She also utilizes her vast marketing experience to help small businesses amplify their brand via marketing planning, photography, advertising, social media, content creation, etc. If you would like to join Katie, please contact her.