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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Kristin Goodman Reclaims Health at Age 44

It was an honor to hear more of Kristin Goodman’s Isagenix journey. She’s a key leader on the team and finally found a program that works! Kristin shares her story below:

by Kristin Goodman

I used to wake up every morning and have egg whites with cheese – guilt ridden over the cheese – coffee with half and half – guilt ridden over the half and half – and a piece of rice toast with butter and jelly – guilt ridden…you get the picture. I used to eat a salad for lunch with some lentils and feta. I used to have more salad for supper with pasta or meat or any kind of dinner you can imagine paired with one or two glasses of wine. I used to obsess about the food I was going to eat or had eaten. I used to feel pain in my abdomen for no apparent reason – or at least no reason my doctors could find. I used to feel sluggish and irritable. I used to hate getting dressed for the day, because I didn’t like how my clothes fit. Those Diesel jeans that I saved from six years ago were mocking me folded on the bottom shelf of my closet, begging me to “get it together already” so they could be worn. But I couldn’t get it together. I tried over and over again, only to fail over and over again.

I worked out and I was strong, but I was twenty pounds too heavy for my body to be comfortable – I thought I was only ten pounds too heavy – and my mental clarity was suffering along with my emotional ability to respond to life’s big and small challenges, rather than to just react. I was at a loss. I was depressed that I had been defeated by myself. I was the failure and I wasn’t going to be successful at anything until I felt good inside and liked what I saw on the outside.

An acquaintance of mine – now good friend – Samantha Martensen, told me about Isagenix in 2014. I was ready for relief and so I ordered a 30 day cleanse. I got it that week and promptly returned it unopened just before my 43rd birthday. I had quickly decided that I wasn’t going to succeed. There was too much going on. I might as well get my money back and go back to the way I had been trying to lose weight before.

I did in fact go back to the ways I had tried to lose weight and feel better before. I wound up with the same results: feeling bad and becoming more inflamed and stressed out over the next year.

Just two weeks before my 44th birthday – almost a year to the day I ordered Isagenix the first time – I was on a 7mile hike with a friend. I was struggling and I heard the words come out of my mouth, “I think I might do this cleanse.” My friend who was on the hike with me said, “I’ll do it with you.”

We ordered it and both did the 9 day cleanse. By day five I had no pain in my body. None. By day seven I had lost 12 pounds. By day eleven I had lost 14 pounds. Three months later while still using the shakes and cleansing twice a month, I lost 28 pounds and have had no pain reoccur. My mind is clear; my emotional life is stable; the jeans that mocked me from the bottom shelf of my closet are too big on me to wear; and my belief in myself has quadrupled. I wasn’t a loser because I couldn’t lose the weight or find the clarity, I was lost in a world that told me I had done it to myself and that I was weak because I wasn’t making good choices and I wasn’t running every morning. I had no idea that no matter how hard I tried my body wasn’t going to release the weight because it wasn’t going to be properly nourished to balance itself out. I wasn’t going to lose the weight or find the emotional clarity to become healthy without the proper nutrition to get me there. Isagenix gave it to me.

Now, I drink a shake – strawberry with chocolate most mornings with IsaGreens; I drink a cup of coffee – black, no cream needed; and neither of these choices leave me feeling hungry, dissatisfied, or riddled with guilt. I have tripled my work load and still have time to see my friends and spend quality time with my daughter and husband. I am smiling when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed at night feeling satisfied with a completely full day behind me. And I sleep like a rock.

When my daughter yells or throws a tantrum – she’s 6 – I calmly hold my boundaries without emotionally reacting. I feel in control, not threatened. As my husband says, “You are in the driver’s seat now.” I have control over my body and my mental state. My body is balanced. I have given myself a well oiled machine to walk around and play in that isn’t stressed out and neurotic, but rather calm and collected. I’m no longer fighting an uphill battle. I’ve leveled the playing field and even given myself an advantage.

Isagenix has given me the freedom to be and do everything I’d imagined for myself. I am making money by introducing others to the products and the business, all the while benefiting from the nutrition provided. I am so grateful that Samantha introduced these products and this business to me. I can’t imagine going back to where I was before the day I started that 9 day cleanse. I have been healed by this nutrition in so many ways. I hope you get to try them and experience the same transformation I have experienced. It’s a good one. As Louise, from one of my favorite films, Thelma & Louise, says, “You get what you settle for.” I can’t imagine settling for less than what these products offer and the financial boost this company has given me. I hope you don’t either.”


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