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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Gratitude for Network Marketing; Living Dreams Formerly Impossible

Took a minute to reflect on the turn of events that led us to move to my hometown of Cazenovia. For as long as Adam and I have been together, the idea of moving away from Sheldon, NY – where Adam’s 400-head dairy farm was located and he lived his entire life – was only a pipe dream (of mine). And I always felt greedy for dreaming it. Despite always wanting to move “home” the practical side of me always kept that dream at bay. I never saw us outside of farming. But alas, God had a bigger plan. He always does.

I’m most grateful today for saying “yes” to an opportunity 5+ years ago in the Network Marketing industry. I walked away from a full-time job/salary/benefits in corporate America to start with nothing to build our Isagenix business, even when so many told me I was crazy. But Adam didn’t, and he instantly got right down to work with me in the pockets of his 7-day-a-week farm schedule. We worked very hard to build the business together over the past 5+ years.

When Adam’s parents decided to sell their farm, it came as a complete shock. No matter how difficult the times ever got, I had always seen them muscle through it with the endurance and grit I love about dairy farmers. So it threw me off guard.

But when the news hit us, we didn’t have to panic. We had built a residual income stream that literally saved our butts. It gave us the time and time-freedom to make the right decision for our family. And to buy our current home without the contingency of selling our home in western NY.

Adam said he would be open to moving if we found the right place (i.e. not in town ?). So one Friday, when Adam was taking the younger two girls to our local Children’s museum so I could get work done, I trolled Zillow like I did probably hourly on the quest for a home that I prayed would suit Adam. For a long time, nothing jumped out at me. I stumbled on a home that I was instantly head over heels with, FSBO. I called the homeowners Heather & Mike Ketcham, who also had 3 girls, made an instant connection with Heather and loved the place so much I wanted to make a down payment over the phone! Instead, I cooled my jets and pleaded with them to let us drive 3 hours from Buffalo to see it that evening. They were kind enough to oblige, and we bought it that evening. It was yet another scary leap of faith but we knew if we “slept on it”, someone else would have swooped in to buy the house. We’re so humbled they would part with such a beautiful place that was a dream come true for me, and our ticket back to Cazenovia.

Home sweet home. We’re so grateful.

To the Mom Who Puts Everyone Else First – A Vulnerable Share About My Own Journey

I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: ”Do what you feel in your heart to be right, you’ll be criticized anyway.” With that, it’s weighing on my heart to share a vulnerable piece of my story.

Mompreneur Katie Becker shares a vulnerable piece of her own weight loss journey over the past year.

The past year has been a rollercoaster for our family – a new baby and adjusting to life with 3 kids (4 if you count Adam ? – Ok, not funny ?, back to serious Katie ?), the difficult process around Adam’s family exiting the dairy industry, making a decision to move to my hometown of Cazenovia, NY (and pluck Adam from his own hometown at the same time), buying/moving/selling which in itself is a near-crisis with 3 littles in the mix!

For the past 5 years I have made a career of helping others through our Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC health and wellness business. I have helped thousands take control of their own health, and in the midst of the past year, despite knowing exactly what I had to do, and with the best toolbox on the planet to do it – put my own health/weight last in line. Because when life happens, and being Mom to 3 kids happens amid big life changes, sometimes it’s easier to snack your way through it then face it head on.

After giving birth to baby #3, it felt like I slipped into a “funk” – wheeling through the motions of adjusting to 3 kids but at the end of the day feeling like both oars were barely skimming water. Being a Mom isn’t easy. Some days I feel like I’m drowning in children; pouring from an empty cup. Flight attendants advise to put your own mask on before assisting others. But so often as a Mom, I forget this, putting everything and everyone else first. It sounds noble. But trust me, it doesn’t do any favors for anyone.

But the kicker and most vulnerable part of the story for me… Health/wellness is how I earn a LIVING! I have built a life of HELPING OTHERS with amazing nutritional products that never fail anyone who uses them. Yet, in my mind all I heard was, “Get your sh*t together, this is your business! You just look like the fat girl marketing health products. Nobody will ever buy from you.” So every time I went to “get back on the horse” over the past year, it seemed like I had a 3 day window of success. Then back to the bad habits. I felt like I was just “treading water” and a hypocrite to those I was helping. And the vicious “I’ll start Monday” cycle. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, maybe you can relate.

I believe God has taught me through this – to strengthen my compassion for those I coach; to have the courage to be vulnerable and to give yourself (and others) grace. I’ve only recently learned how to give myself grace. I’ve always been very hard on myself.

So I’ve just hit the reset switch and have huge goals and a drastic mindset shift. I’ve let go of much of what other “think of me” and know that deep down, any logical person would rather take advice or buy from someone who has had to blaze their own trails and learn the hard way than someone who’s never struggled. I’ve ridden the bumpy road, and know the twists and turns – inside and out.

Grateful for you allowing me to share my heart. Stay tuned on my progress. Once my mind is made up, watch out. Just one week back to following our program I’m down 5 pounds, still amid chaotic life. Super excited for everyone joining our 30-day challenge (still with two more possible start dates to join). I’ve learned that if you can keep the nutrition on point, the rest falls into place. Because life will always be crazy, I just let it get the better of me the past 12 months.

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.

With gratitude always. ?


Meet Katie Becker

Katie Becker

Katie Becker is a proven network marketing leader. She teaches her international team how to build an additional income stream, from home, on their own schedule. Her simplified approach helps her team breakthrough to achieve rapid, stellar results. She also utilizes her vast marketing experience to help small businesses amplify their brand via marketing planning, photography, advertising, social media, content creation, etc. If you would like to join Katie, please contact her.