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Gratitude for Chris Belin

This girl. Not me. The one on the right. That’s Chris Belin. I met her in 2014 when I hired her to organize our former home in Varysburg, NY. I knew she was exceptional from the first time I met her. Her work ethic made this farm girl blush
(L-R) Katie Becker & Chris Belin Isagenix

Above: (L-R) Katie Becker and Chris Belin pictured at Isagenix University in Philadelphia, PA.

. I asked her to look at Isagenix as a business opportunity in 2015. We have worked together ever since, traveling across the United States for training events. She started building her business when my business was at its peak. But I blinked and nearly 6 years have passed. Chris has been by my side through so many life changes. And in that time, she has invested tirelessly in her own personal growth and literally 10X’ed the person I thought was cool way back. If amateurs quit when they are tired, Chris is a true champion.
I mentioned that Chris has seen me at my best – on stage winning awards, etc. But I think TRUE friends shine when they see you at your worst. One of the toughest transitions I’ve experienced was the birth of our third child, selling Adam’s farm, and moving to my hometown. In that time, I often feel like I lost a bit of myself. My business slipped. My focus on my own wellness slipped. It all felt like it was slipping. For what felt like a really really long time. I felt like a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon wondering if the wings would ever pop out. In that period of the past 4 years I’ve bought into my own made up stories that somehow I lost myself. And maybe that’s the case. But as I reflect on what felt like a very long road of self discovery, I feel tinges of the cocoon starting to crack.
During this time, Chris could have easily walked away from her business, and easily gave up on me. I certainly wasn’t serving her in the leadership capacity I once was. Not even close.
So what’s the point? I write this to vulnerably share a message of gratitude for the friend who knew me at my core and forgave me for “flaking out” for a long time. The network marketing industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Yet Chris ALWAYS. HELD. ME. UP.
Align with people who are not afraid to hold the mirror up. But also to those who give grace when the mirror is too bright and you’re not ready to face it. Chris has uncompromisingly embodied the epitome of a true friend. I am forever grateful for her grace. And am in awe of the leader she has become. Her team today has thousands of members who love her.
Also. I’m not a resolution nut, but this year I’m committed to pouring more into the business Adam Becker and I have built. I’m also committed to my own health and wellbeing. During this transition time I have held on to weight like Ebenezer Scrooge’s did to his money. It’s time to let that go.
If you have any interest in turning the tide on your own health, I’d love to have some serious contenders as accountability partners. Someone who’s truly ready. If now’s your time, let’s do it.
Lastly, thank you Chris. You are a LIGHT. Thank you for reminding me not to dim mine.

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